Monday, April 22, 2013

Snow snow snow

So, if you're a Minnesotan too, you probably feel the same way I do right now:  WHERE IS SPRING, PLANET EARTH??  It is Earth Day, the day in which I have planted many trees, taken long walks in the warm sunlight, and celebrated the best planet in the universe.  Planet Earth, I do not feel like celebrating today.

It has been a very snowy March and April.  We got 22 inches of snow last week.  We have another Winter Storm Warning for tonight - 4-8 inches of new snow by morning.  This isn't fun snow.  It's dense, wet, heart-attack snow.  It's not good to snowshoe or walk in (too wet, my shoes were soaked through in minutes) and it does not bode well for spring flooding.  On the plus side, it's pretty much ended the drought and it's kind of pretty.

There's so much that I want to do - bike, hike, camp, volunteer - that is just stuck in a holding pattern for now.  I've taken to knitting and watching old episodes of the X-Files instead of just staring out the window and pouting.  Rumor is that we will get an "instant spring" this year.  Sunny and 70 with snow still on the ground, perhaps?

All I can guarantee is that I will enjoy the heck out of summer, whenever it arrives. I will spend every possible moment outdoors and soak up every ray of sun.  I feel as though I'm at the starting block, waiting for the horn, every muscle in my body ready to fly forward.  Planet Earth, don't let me down.  Readers of Tales of the Witch of November, I will not let you down either.  There is so much to do and so much to say.

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