Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gooseberry Falls State Park: March 23, 2013

Snowshoe time!  Joe and I headed out to Gooseberry Falls State Park for what may be the last snowshoe trip of the year.  We got to the park at about 2pm, and it was PACKED.  I was surprised at how many people were there - it was warmish (maybe upper 20's) and it was a Saturday, and it was also Spring Break for the local kids.  But I did not expect the crowds of people.  Perhaps we're all just so sick of winter that any ray of sunshine or warm breeze will get us outside.

Snowshoe shot

I've been teasing Joe about how I'm the Footwear Girlfriend.  First I required him to get a pair of snowshoes, then I required him to get a pair of hiking boots, and then I mentioned casually that I would be buying a new pair of running shoes at some point, and would Joe ever be interested in running?  I think he put his foot down to that one.  Ha.

Joe crosses the river, survives, cheers

One thing that I am ridiculously worried about is falling through ice.  I know, it's Northern MN and the ice gets pretty thick up here.  I'm MORE okay with walking on frozen lakes than frozen rivers, because rivers rarely are frozen all the way through.  I could HEAR the water under the ice.  The cold, unforgiving water.  Joe was brave and crossed the river to the other side, resulting in this great picture.

Joe on the Superior Hiking Trail

We followed the Fifth Falls Snowshoe Trail, which goes up the southwest side of the river, crosses the bridge above Fifth Falls, and then comes back along the northeast side.  We were on the Superior Hiking trail for a short time - first time this year?? The path was pretty well packed down.  We went off the path a few times (and sunk in up to our hips), but for the most part we were going where many had trod.  I suppose this is what skiers talk about when they proclaim the wonder of "fresh powder".  Note for next year: snowshoe right after a snow before everyone else can pack it down!

nice bench!!

I loved this bench, half buried in the snow.  It was so comfortable that I think Gooseberry Falls State Park should build all of their benches without legs.  Getting up was a bit of a trial, though.

Overall, beautiful day for snowshoeing but it will likely be the last of the season.  Spring is in the air!  The Soo Locks opened on Monday, March 17th and soon I started to see Ore Boats in the distance.  The docks have been hopping for the last few days, and the Presque Isle is scheduled to come in today.  There is nothing like the sweet sound of a foghorn shaking me out of bed in the middle of the night.  Sounds like spring! 

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