Friday, September 28, 2012

Gooseberry Falls State Park: September 24, 2012

Life has been busy!  So busy that I went for a great hike on Monday, and am only getting around to writing about it on Friday.  Busy busy busy!

It was astoundingly beautiful out, so Thunderdog and I jumped into the car after work and headed  up to Gooseberry to find some nice fall hiking.  The place was PACKED, of course - but we were determined to find some solitude.  Luckily, most visitors to Gooseberry seem to stay within a quarter-mile radius of the falls, so we just picked the farthest out trail and headed towards it.

We DID go take a look at the waterfall.  Not a lot of water going over it...

When I looked at the park map, I decided we'd take the Superior Hiking Trail straight north and then the park's trails until we reached the northernmost point of the park.  Then we'd head west to a shelter that we saw on the map, and then head back.  All in all, it would be about 3.8 miles of hiking.

A pretty path

A lovely view to the lake below

ORANGE!! and  BLUE!!

It was a beautiful, exhilarating, and fun hike for a Monday afternoon in September.  The colors were dramatic in a few places, but for the most part it was still quite green.  Lots of coniferous trees, though.  We picked the right trail: we didn't run into a single other person once we left the crowds at the falls.

CCC camp ruins

We've passed the Civilivan Conservation Corps camp ruins a few times before, but I kept forgetting to get a picture.  They're not that far from the current visitor center - a few toppled chimneys and some foundations.  Thunderdog nosed about in them for a bit before deciding that they were not filled with squirrels and other critters.

That's about it!  More excitement coming up this weekend - Joe is returning to the North Shore for a second weekend in a row so that we can check out even MORE amazing fall color.  Stay tuned!

Total miles hiked today: (this park) 3.8
Total miles hiked (in 2012): 136.3

Total ticks today: Joe - n/a; Thunderdog - 0; Elly - 0
Total ticks (in 2012): 49

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