Tuesday, May 26, 2015

On the Trail Again

...and we're back!!  Memorial Day weekend is winding down, and we've been busy on this unofficial first weekend of summer.

Instead of going out for a hike every weekend as in previous years, this year we're going to be doing several mega-hiking weekends.  This is a result of me having to work every other weekend (boooo) and us living in the Cities and not having a base camp on the North Shore (this is a good thing, yay!!).  We're glad to be in the Cities, but we've got this new house to take care of - new to us, anyway - and we won't be skipping off to the forest every chance we get.

Another year of Joe looking at waterfalls!

There are also not that many Minnesota State Park Hiking Club Trails left for us to do - and the ones that are left are all far away and/or not terribly exciting enough to justify their own weekend trip.  So we'll be hitting a whole bunch on several summer hiking weekends...maybe with a few other days scattered in there.  We still plan to finish our All Miles patches by the end of 2015.

Another year of firewood being denied their 1st Amendment rights!

Instead of posting the second we finish a hike, we're going to space them out a bit.  We have SIX posts to write about our Memorial Day trip.  Stay tuned - the posts will appear on Tuesdays.  Happy summer, happy hiking!

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