Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Favorite Pictures of 2013

I bet you thought that I forgot about the blog!  Nope - just spending the fall and first part of winter working on other projects.  This winter has been quite snowy and extremely cold.  Joe and I do plan on getting out the snowshoes at some point...but we'll wait until the temps regulate a bit.

As with last year's End of the Year Witch of November Retrospectravaganza, there will be TWO posts: one for the numbers and favorites, and one for the pictures.  This year we'll do the pictures first.  Hooray!

First up: Joe's five favorite pictures of the year:

Buffalo!! Encountering large animals at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Whoosh!!  This pretty much captures how we felt about Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Not a hiking picture, but beautiful and a good reminder of how damn long winter was in 2013.
(This picture was taken in April.)

We both picked this picture, but I'll let it be on Joe's list because I had too many anyway.
I left the Teddy Roosevelt National Park pictures up to him.

Watching the water rush by at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.  It wouldn't be long before I fell into that rushing water.

And here are my five favorite pics of the year!!

The shadowy path at Glacial Lakes State Park

Groovin' at Blue Mounds State, look at how GREEN it is!!

The Crags: a fantastic hike in Colorado.

Joe with his new camera - did I mention that Joe has a new camera? - in Garden of the Gods.

One winter picture: path on one of my snowshoe trips to the Lake County Demonstration Forest.

Stay tuned for the numbers and favorites post.

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