Monday, July 29, 2013

New Boots

There was no hiking this weekend (I can't hike ALL the time, I do have other interests you know...), but there was a hiking-related purchase that justified its own blog post.  Behold!  A new pair of hiking boots.

Before I get too far, I want to make clear that this is NOT a knock on Keen boots at all.  On the contrary, I love my Keens so much that I didn't even try on another brand.  They're good, solid boots and my old pair served me well for three years.  The thing is, I probably should have replaced them about a year ago.

I am a supinator.  My gait has me just about always walking on the outside of my foot.  Nowhere is this more clear than when looking at how much-worn shoes wear down.  Take a look at my old boots and new boots below.  They're the exact same style, but after 3 years the outer edges of the old boots are not only worn down, they've completely worn away.

New boots on the outside, old boots on the inside.  It's like something took a bite out of them!

They're worn down on the inside too (but I won't subject you to a picture of the inside of my old boots).  The impetus to get a new pair actually happened last week: my fall into Split Rock River soaked my feet, but I noticed that it wasn't just because my feet got dunked.  I had actually worn holes through my boots both from the sole AND from the inside, like tunnel-builders digging from opposite sides of a mountain and meeting in the middle.

Old on the bottom, new on the top.  Remember, exact same style of boot.  The outer heel has completely worn away!!

Not only were my feet exposed to the elements (and mud, and water) from below, I was also suffering from the effects of having completely unbalanced shoes.  My shins hurt and my Trick Big Toe also hurt more than it usually does - even when rain wasn't in the forecast.  I owed it to myself to get a new I did!

So, thank you Old Keens!  I will remember you fondly as you head to the big shoe store in the sky.

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