Friday, March 8, 2013

Predator vs. Prey

Joe went out for a snowshoe hike at Riverside Park in St. Cloud this week, and took a couple of great pictures.  He gave me permission to post them here - thanks, Joe!

Bird vs critter

Here we have the circle of life, imprinted upon the snow.  Joe found a line of footprints that abruptly and violently ended with the imprint of a bird of prey.  Look at the wingtips in the snow!

Good picture of the bird's body and wingtips - as well as the last footprints of the unfortunate critter on the ground

And now, a more serene picture to end the day.  I hope that we'll get to do a bit more snowshoeing this year before the snow melts.  But, if the snow should all melt tomorrow and spring comes early, I will not complain.

Sunset over the Beaver Islands

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