Monday, December 31, 2012

Favorite Pictures of 2012

I asked Joe to pick his favorite picture of 2012.  He couldn't choose just one, so he picked five...and I picked five, too!  Enjoy!

Joe's favorite pictures (and commentary):

This would be suitable for the cover if this blog were a book. - Zippel Bay State Park

Ha!  Lake in the Clouds, Michigan

Photogenic dog saves the picture [and photogenic man! -ed.]  Wolf Rock in the springtime

Best pure scenery picture - Bean and Bear Lakes hike

I love the composition and blues on this one.  Plus - Thunderdog! - Temperance River State Park

Elly's favorite pictures (and commentary):

Favorite picture of the year: Joe and Thunderdog at Fantasia Overlook.  

Mark and Mandy and the sled dogs - BWCA Winter Adventure

Snowshoeing on the train tracks - two winter pictures for me?  Egads!

Joe on the train tracks in the summer - Banning State Park

The mouth of the Temperance River.  It reminds me of the Grey Havens.


  1. We made the list!

    Keep up the blogging...I LOVE reading about your adventures and getting to live on the North Shore vicariously through you! Can't wait to see you again soon.

    1. for sure! It was so weird - when I was putting together my "best of" lists I initially forgot about the dogsled trip. It seems like it was so long ago!

      I'm going to keep blogging and keep hiking! And, of course, you all will have to join us at some point...maybe when we go to William O'Brien or another of the metro area parks? :-)

    2. We would love to join you! We still haven't done Fort Snelling, William O'Brien, Afton or a few of the other parks closer to us. We should set something up this summer!

      I kept forgetting about the dog sled trip too! Seems like it was so long ago, but it was not even a year. That sure was a fun trip. Do you have a birthday adventure planned for this year?

    3. I don't have anything planned this year - my birthday is a Friday, but I've got a work thing I have to attend on the next day. :-( Oh well...there's not much that could top last years, though.