Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And now for something completely different

We actually received about 10 inches of snow this last Saturday/Sunday/Monday.  I had a minor freakout and left Joe's house very early...before his birthday on Monday (sorry, Joe!).  I got back home and, when I wasn't feeling guilty about leaving early, I went out in the huge piles of snow with Lucy.  She loves it.

Well, guess what!  More is on the way.  It's just started to snow in earnest here on the North Shore.  We are predicted to receive a healthy heap of snow in the next 36 hours - I have heard anything from 12" to 18".  I think it is a foregone conclusion that the schools will be closed tomorrow, and therefore the library will be closed as well.  I will probably slap on my snowshoes and hike on up here to get some more work done.  If the library is closed, I'll bring Lucy with me and she can run around in here while I work.  

Since I've been putting in long days, I think I can take a day off sometime this week.  Perhaps on Friday (once the snow is done and the roads are cleared) I will drive up to Gooseberry and do some snowshoeing.  And, of course, Joe and I will be out there this weekend.  

Whoo hoo!  Snow!

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